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B.E RIPPED recipe pack 2

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15 awesome healthy and tasty fat burning recipes that you can download straight to your phone.

The recipe packs also come with a full shopping list for all the ingredients, a weekly meal plan and the full calorific information needed to help you meet those weight loss goals.

This recipe pack contains instructions on how to make:

- Goats cheese, Mango and Honey toast.

- Acai bowl

- Mango & Almond butter protein smoothie.

- Breakfast burrito.

- Mediterranean Tuna salad.

- Green beans, Chicken & Grapefruit salad.

- Green beans with Tofu & Roasted peanuts.

- Eggplant beef marinara.

- Salmon Papillote.

- Jackfruit curry.

- Sweet potato BBQ Chicken pizza.

- Cod baked with spinach and crispy top.

- Zucchini Banana bread.

- Chocolate Zucchini muffins.

- Lemon raspberry chia pudding.