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B.E RIPPED recipe pack 3

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15 awesome healthy and tasty fat burning recipes that you can download straight to your phone.

The recipe packs also come with a full shopping list for all the ingredients, a weekly meal plan and the full calorific information needed to help you meet those weight loss goals.

This recipe pack contains instructions on how to make:

- High protein pancakes with blueberry sauce and almond caramel.

- Blueberry breakfast bars.

- Black bean omelet.

- Avocado and cottage cheese toast.

- Salmon nicoise  salad.

- Shrimp couscous salad.

- Asparagus, avocado and green pea salad.

- Butter bean, tuna, and red onion salad.

- Moroccan chicken tacos.

- Chicken and Aubergine goulash.

- Salmon with beetroot and feta salad.

- Mediterrean baked salmon.

- Carrot & Walnut oat cookies.

- Strawberry and Chia seed jam.

- Watermelon, celery and lime juice.