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Boxing skills and fitness basics multimedia e-book

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Whether you simply want to get fit in a new and exciting way and/or get started with the sport of boxing, then the boxing and fitness basics multimedia e-book contains everything you need to know.

This e-book contains information learnt from over the past 18 years of taking part in and coaching boxing and fitness. Along with written content this e-book also contains pictures, animation and video clips to help demonstrate that which is being taught.

This e-book is suitable for all levels and abilities and an especially great resource in particular for teenagers.

By making use of the information contained within this e-book and putting it into practice you will progress much quicker than you would simply by attending a class or going down to your local gym.

The best thing about this e-book is that it has been designed so that the reader can work out completely on their own, whether that be at home or to assist for when they do attend the gym or class.

In the boxing skills section you will learn about the primary yet fundamental basics to include:

- Stance & Guard ( Includes understanding important concepts such as maintaining your center of balance,
becoming aware of your body weight distribution, the importance of weight transference and routing in your

- Footwork (Includes the core principles of footwork, moving and changing direction, bouncing and pivoting)

- Punches (includes understanding the scientific dynamics involved when it comes to generating maximum
power in a punch and applying these dynamics to punch technique)

- Punch combinations

- Defenses

- Shadow boxing

- Bag work

All of the boxing skills are broken down into simple step by step methods that are easy for anyone to understand.

In the fitness section you will discover and learn about:

- The bodies different energy systems and how they interact

- The energy systems and how muscles use them

- How to effectively improve fitness and the principles behind it

- Determining your current level of fitness with 9 different tests including an example scoring sheet

- A full beginners boxing workout that uses all the different energy systems

- Other exercises that can be used for boxing

- The importance of rest and recovery

- An example 13 week workout plan designed to maximise you fitness levels

If getting fit and/or learning the sport of boxing is something that has been on your mind, then why delay and pick yourself up a copy today!